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A true blue Baba, having grown up immersed in a Peranakan family culture, the founder of Babalicious has a strong desire to share his rich heritage.

Together with his childhood friend, they created Babalicious with the hope to bridge generation gap by introducing authentic Peranakan cuisine in a casual and relaxed atmosphere.


Peranakan Heritage

Peranakan Heritage dates back to the 15th Century. Through the intermarriage between the early Chinese immigrants and the local Malays, a fusion of culinary skills, taste and distinctive flavours gradually evolved.



By blending Chinese ingredients and seasonings with Malay herbs and spices, highly-imaginative & tasty spread of uniquely Peranakan delicacies was thus created.

Hainanese Heritage

Hainanese immigrants came to Singapore in larger numbers in the 1850s. Most of them found them- selves a niche market in the service sector, working as cooks.
Their community is invariably associated with Hainanese Chicken Rice and even Peranakan cuisine.


Hainanese Chicken Rice

It is a dish adapted by the Hainanese originally from the Hainan province in southern China. The dish was popularised in Singapore in the 1950s due to its adoption by the Hainanese population. It is now considered one of the national dishes of Singapore.